Public Cloud

Thanks to the easy-to-use management control panel and the use control of the studio, we can create a friendly collaborative environment that allows us to get access to virtual high graphics performance workstations with on-demand specifications, low latency, and multi-site. It allows us to control the access to software licenses and to high-speed, secure, centralized and accessible storage, as well as to have dedicated/shared render farms available with free data transfer among different data centers.


Public Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

To meet the needs of companies that already have their own infrastructure but they have the need to extend it to the cloud to give access to geographically relocated workers or in continuous movement maintaining the security of their data, Simple has developed a solution which performs a continuous synchronization between the local storage and those located in the Simple cloud, making the workers both from within the traditional office, as well as those who are accessing the Simple cloud, collaborate working with state-of-the-art equipment adapted to their needs at any time and connected by a high-speed LAN.

Hybrid Cloud

Having at any time the accurate machine for the tasks to do is possible thanks to Simple, since the time you take to restart your machine, you will able to move from a standard workstation to a high performance workstation with graphic capabilities, what let you to adjust the cost of your infrastructure to the real cost of use of it.

Storage is one of the critical parts of the infrastructure, to size correctly its capacity with the connectivity and redundancy requirements for an intensive use and without bottlenecks that hinder the work of a team of people, it’s an arduous task faced by those responsible of systems. However, in Simple you can have at your disposal the systems architecture of an IBM data center and pay only for the space you need, being able to expand it at any time according to the project needs. Thanks to the permission management model in the platform, is possible to limit the access of a collaborator exclusively to the data or project information relevant to the realization of the work to be developed. You can limit if you wish, downloading files thus maintaining the security of your intellectual property.

Simple supplies a license server for each studio where you can upload your own licenses or connect to your local license server. This way you will be sure that all your collaborators comply with the legal requirements regarding with the use of software. Additionally, Simple can integrate your own tools, sources or customizations.

The render farm is one of the most expensive and complex parts of the infrastructure of a studio. With Simple you can have the power you need, without worrying about anything more than adding or removing nodes transparently. You can have separate farms for each project, integrated into the pipeline or even use the shared farm where you do not need the power of a dedicated farm. The shared farm allows you to launch your jobs in a shared queue making the cost of processing even more flexible.

Each study has its own way of working, its unique workflow and therefore its own pipeline.

How can Simple Animation help you with this?
Simple Animation will give you the pieces of the puzzle to design your ideal pipeline. You will find a set of disciplines that can be connected with others through their publications. You will have the possibility and ability to choose the actions to publish, upload or update.
You will be the designer of your own Graphic that will be the basis of your pipeline.

Pipeline development API
Now it is possible to extend Simple’s tools, create new ones, new processes and new components for different disciplines and software. You can build your customized pipeline, taking advantage of the base of our pipeline, allowing developers to focus on designing the processes for each department and not creating technology from scratch.